My Brand


I identify as a thinker because personally and professionally, I am constantly analyzing the situations I find myself in. I want to continuously learn in order to become my best self. In the workplace, this is no different. My first instinct is to observe and assess the current business situation and search for opportunities for improvement and growth. Once I have determined an opportunity, I begin strategizing and sourcing necessary information. 

I identify as a driver because once I have personal buy-in with an idea or concept, I drive the agenda with passion and tact. Once I have determined an opportunity and collected the necessary resources and expertise, I am driven to act and bring ideas or solutions to fruition. My determination is unrelenting, especially when I truly believe in something. 

I identify as a teacher because while I enjoy strategizing and achieving goals, I see it necessary to teach and coach along the way. Many times I am teaching myself how to adapt and change throughout the process, and other times I am able to teach someone who I am working with in our effort to accomplish a goal. Teaching someone is fulfilling for me, and I enjoy watching someone, whether it's a colleague, subordinate, or even a client, grow and learn. Teaching also is my favorite way to learn, as I find if you can teach something to someone else it will become part of your skill set.  

If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough”
— Albert Einstein

Below are my results from the "StandOut" and "16 Personalities" tests. These results reiterate my professional brand in the workplace.

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