My Story

Let's start from the beginning.

Where did I come from?

Why am I who I am?

9 Things That Explain Me

  1. Native Texan born in Houston & raised in Plano (North Dallas). Yes, I am in fact a Dallas Cowboys fan and no, I'm not ashamed.

  2. Grew up as an only child, which made me an acute observer of everything. This is how I learn best. It's also why I am a self-motivated person with little fear of trying new things. I had to learn by trial and error without the comfort of a sibling to pave a way for of me my entire childhood - it was invigorating and great practice for "adulting".

  3. I was raised by two "noble" salespeople - meaning they achieved success without compromising their values. This is why I value integrity and honesty in myself and others. My father's best professional advice is "Always do what you agree to do, and if you know you can't do something, be honest about it." This is pretty fantastic life advice as well.

  4. Neither of my parents finished college. They could still have a career without a degree back in the 80's, but I regard my education and furthering my education as a privilege and it is not something I take for granted.

  5. I received my BBA from McCombs School of Business in Austin, TX. This explains my competitive nature - or maybe it just facilitated it - and why I crave Tex-Mex on a regular basis.

  6. Ensuring that young women get an education and build a life for themselves without becoming co-dependent is a cause I believe in. I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters to mentor a young woman from South Dallas - a community where girls often fall into the cycle of teen pregnancy and do not even graduate high school. If I can break that cycle for one person by exposing her to potential opportunities, maybe she will one day do the same for someone else.

  7. Crime shows and psychological thrillers are the only thing in my Netflix cue. I think the human mind - especially the creepy killer type - is fascinating, and I love a good plot twist.

  8. Music is my hobby/passion/favorite past time. I sang in choir and took private voice lessons growing up, but I knew I wasn't cut out for the intense competition that is the music industry (and I wanted to make sure I had food in my fridge). So I sold out and got a business degree instead. Now my only performances are during my commute to work and the occasional wedding. But I would love to somehow incorporate music into my career...

  9. I have developed a "global curiosity" since I spent a month in Europe a few years ago. I plan to live in another (English speaking) country and experience a life unlike what I have ever known. I may end up deciding I prefer the lifestyle and culture I grew up with, but I know I need to have the international experience before I can honestly come to that conclusion.

It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson